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Case Study | Team JPhysique

Building an online community for Scotland's No1 fitness team

Team JPhysique (TJP) is an online coaching and personal training company based in Scotland. Set up by Joe Parish over 4 years ago, the company has expanded and evolved to the point where they have helped 100's if not 1000's of people transform their physique, their lifestyle, helping them feel happier and healthier.


The Challenge

Updating the existing website so as to reflect the growth of the business as well as create a membership area for clients and help grow the TJP community.

The Outcome

The expansion of the website has helped to scale and grow the business. The client has been able to connect and reach new customers and also offer a more effective service while doing so.

Scope of work
  • Strategy
  • Web Design & Development
The Goal

Improve the user experience

Redesigning and expanding the website while improving the experience for clients

One of the main requirements of the new website was to create a members only area. This section of the website would include an exercise library of over 250 videos, nutrition tips, tricks and recipes, courses for beginners and exclusive downloads to help each client on their fitness journey.

Another focus was improving the transformations section of the website as well as showcasing the team of coaches and their specialist areas. To achieve both of these goals, I worked closely with the client on the requirements of each page of the site and mapped out the user’s journey through wireframes. These were then tweaked through discussions and testing with the client.


Design process


Working closely with the client we mapped out the site structure.


Each page and main template of the website is constructed and tweaked during this collaborative stage.

High res designs

I produced design files for review before moving onto the build stage.


Created using mainly wordpress and developed to the required functionality of the project.

Logo updates

Tweaking the identity

Since the original website and logo, the client had grown the business and added 4 new team members. Small tweaks were made to the logo with the addition of a T to represent the ‘Team’.

I also considered the brand colours in relation to the website. I chose to add in a complimentary colour for the members’ area. Visually, this would differentiate the members, section from the main website so the client would clearly know they were viewing members only content.


Securing the site

Security for the website was a primary concern as clients would be logging in. So SSL had to be set up and I integrated a payment gateway for premium subscriptions/products within the members area. Managing the members only content and making sure it was behind the login or payment wall was absolutely vital.



One of the most important areas of the website is the Transformation section. This area would not only showcase the hard work and progress clients make, but would also act as marketing content to help bring new clients onboard.

Before and after images would show the transformation and high quality photography and a client testimonial would help to enforce the valuable service that the team provides.


Coaches Profiles

The profile for each coach would detail their personality, their areas of expertise and provide links
for getting in touch.

"Kevin has helped us completely transform, scale and grow our coaching business. I’ve worked with him personally now for the past 4 years and he’s played a pivotal role in our success, development and ability to scale, reach new customers and improve the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of the service we provide.

Having him as part of our team has been one of the biggest drivers in our success over the past few years and we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today without him."

Joe Parish, Founder of Team JPhysique