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Case Study | Brewhemia

Helping to launch what has become one of Scotland's most popular venues

Brewhemia is a ground breaking venture from Castle Leisure Group (CLG) which sees an investment of £2 million into the iconic Scotsman Building basement. Brewhemia is a premium bar and restaurant that offers a very unique atmosphere through live music and entertainment.


The Challenge

Taking creative lead to produce a brand identity that aligned with the client’s vision.

The Outcome

By working collaboratively with not only my team mates, the directors of the company and external teams we were able to produce a unique brand that has grown in popularity each year.

Scope of work
  • Art Direction
  • Branding & Identity Design
  • Web Design & Development
  • Design for Print
  • Signage
  • Marketing
The Goal

Design Develop
and Launch a new Brand

The brand was to have a vintage feel but still to be grounded in the present day

“Brewhemia was born from our vision to create a completely new venue concept. A place where everyone can come together to enjoy great company, delicious food, great drinks and even better entertainment, with a choice of environments across the venue that evolve throughout the day in line with our customers’ needs."

and analysis


The CLG directors were inspired by the nightlife of Paris, the atmosphere at Oktoberfest and the culture of Prague and Venice. Brewhemia offers a fusion of European and Scottish culture. My team and I gathered a lot of visual inspiration in relation to these aspects during brand development.


The food, drink and entertainment is Brewhemia's core offerings. Again these were inspired by different parts of Europe; the tank fresh beer from Prague, schnitzels and bratwurst from Germany and fresh Scottish produce, all mixed with live music and immersive cabaret style entertainment.

Competitor analysis

We looked at various competitors in Edinburgh with regards to the food and drink being served as well as venues offering similar experiences across the UK. This helped us determine the level at which we were looking to break through as well as informing us of what venues were doing well and not so well.

Target Demographics

Brewhemia's target demographic is 24 - 60 years old who like to travel and experience new things. This was the main driving force behind the tagline 'For the Love of Adventure'. The ideal customer has a certain level of disposable income and they will be looking for somewhere they can relax during the day/early evening as well as party with groups of friends at night.


Through a series of meetings with the directors of CLG and the interior designers, I began planning out the key areas we had to focus on (process shown above) covering research and strategy, brand identity design and producing this onto all communications and products. Finally, a marketing plan would be required to not only launch the venue but to continue the advertising/marketing after launch.


Logo Design

My team and I began work on the logo and brand identity shortly after the construction of the venue started. We came up with countless sketches and ideas until we were able to hone in on a particular style which you can see below. A vintage typography style that was quite quirky and whimsical. It was at that stage where I collaborated with a sign writer who helped develop the final logo and I continued to produce the secondary logo marks.


Brand Positioning

The team and I worked closely with Denvir, a brand/marketing firm. Denvir focussed on helping us with brand alignment, key messaging, market positioning, personality and tone of voice. The team and I then continued to work up the brand identity using these guidelines and positioning.


Stationery, Point of Sale & Products

This part of the process was really good fun. I was able to start mocking up and developing the brand across many touchpoints. A lot of the work below went into print production and this is an area that continues to evolve. Every aspect of the brand was considered here from the food and drinks menus to the staff uniforms and point of sale items.


Digital Design

Marketing through social channels began several months before the opening of the venue. This stage of the process was very challenging due to the fact that we had no live material to work with. The venue was still being constructed, there was no food/drink to take photos of or bands/entertainers gracing the
stage with their presence.

To create a buzz and build intrigue, we had to get creative. My team and I used stock photography and photo manipulation techniques to hint at what was coming. I created a 360degree image for Facebook which has elements of all that the venue would offer. We created artwork that was vintage, quirky and full of all the influences Brewhemia had and we mixed images of lions and stags with words like 'Dare to be different' and 'For the Love of Adventure'. Hoarding boards also covered the entrances of the venue, these were changed regularly on the run up to opening and each time featured something new of what may be inside. The public were encouraged to take pictures and there was some buzz as to what it could be online.

We were able to build up a following on Facebook of x2000 people pre-launch and also gained sign ups to the mailing list to inform potential customers when the venue would open. We launched the venue with an Oktoberfest tradition; 'The Tapping of the Tank' and Oktoberfest continues to be a
highlight of the year at Brewhemia.

The launch of the venue was listed on various industry websites as well as articles in the local papers. This combined with the online activity and some external advertising helped spread the
word of Brewhemia’s opening.



Entering its third year of operation, Brewhemia continues to evolve and offer bigger and better experiences. Every weekend is packed with customers enjoying the food, drinks and entertainment. The venue continues to build relationships with brands in Europe, now offering the largest selection of tank fresh beer in Scotland.

I continue to design the menus and other point of sale items and produce marketing assets for the various events throughout the year.


As of Oct 2019 the venue has 14k followers on Facebook.

4 Star Rating

A great rating on Tripadvisor with some excellent reviews.

70k Website Hits

The website averages at 70,000
hits per month.

Beer Bar of the Year

2018 winners at the Scottish
Bar & Pub Awards.