Linlithgow Young People's Project

LYPP's purpose is to support the young people of Linlithgow and the surrounding areas in all aspects of their development. Their primary focus is to foster a sense of ‘hope’ in the lives and circumstances of young people they come in contact with.

LYPP is a charity organisation and is managed by a Board of 5 Directors and a Treasurer who are also representatives of 2 local churches who between them hold expertise in financial, banking and insurance disciplines and meet 8 times per year. The day-to-day management of the project is overseen by the LYPP project manager, who holds responsibility for staff, volunteers and delivery of the organisation’s activities.

The logo that LYPP were using required a slight update, removing the rectangular container allowed the logo to 'breathe' more and I also chose to decrease the size of the group and extend the text below. This gave a more balanced layout to the mark. In 2016 LYPP also turned 25 and I produced an anniversary logo to mark this milestone. This mark was used on invitations and marketing materials to advertise a fundraising gala. The gala was a celebration of the past 25 years and helped raise over £3000 for the charity.

I designed the annual report shown below, as well as the new website. The focus of the website was to enable the staff to update regularly and therefore keep investors up to date with the ongoing projects and valuable work that LYPP do.

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